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The Baby Bully Bundle

What you will get this Bundle:
1. Charge off Terminator: Learn how to remove and get compensated for those charge offs that just won’t go away.
2. Experian Exposed: How to get anything removed from Experian and get paid for it.
3. Experian Exposed 2: How to get a bag from Experian more in depth with proof.
4. Collecting on Telephone collections: Get paid from Verizon, AT&T etc for charge offs and more.
5. Collecting from collectors. Learn how to beat up 3rd party debt collectors and get paid for the collection accounts!


A value of over $1,000 for $129.99.

Bonus: Sued by a Debt Collector. Learn what to do if you’re sued by a debt collector.

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This price is only good for 24 hrs

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