Fundamentals of Crypto and NFT’s Webinar

Here's what will be included : 

The fundamentals of cryptos

A. What is Blockchain Technology 

B. How Cryptocurrencies work

C. What are smart contracts 


How to start utilizing cryptos 

A. What are alt coins 

B. How to research cryptocurrencies DYOR

C. How to HODL


Security is IMPORTANT 

A. How to protect your crypto

B. Where & how to store your crypto 

C. How to setup your crypto wallets 

D. Passwords, private and public keys, 2FA 


How to Win in Crypto 

A. Introduction (investing in cryptocurrencies)

B. How to buy and sell Bitcoin and Alt coins

C. Crypto exchanges 

D. Trading cryptocurrencies 


2nd half


The Gold Rush of NFT's

A. What are NFT's 

B. How to Mint NFT's 

C. NFT marketplaces

D. How to make money with NFT's


Crypto Gems

1) How to earn passive income in cryptos 

2) How to build your crypto portfolio for wealth

3) How to get IDO tokens on the ground floor



Summary and Resources 

Q and A period


Fundamentals of Crypto and NFT’s Webinar

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